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Hi Everyone,

      We will be offering the design with the flag and eagle on a large sycamore leaf.  I am going to base coat one large sycamore leaf for you and am actually going to put the pattern on. I will include a second that you can do yourself, (might be smaller ) and a bonus four leaf pack  The cost for the pattern, instructions, base coating and shipping will be $20.00.  Click on Add to Cart button or you can call me with a charge card no.  You should receive your leaves within two or three weeks or sooner.  We will be filling only about 20 to 30 orders so it will be first come first serve.   Please let me know if you would like to continue being on our mailing list.  I am going try to put a newsletter together every 6 to 8 weeks with new patterns.  Thank You for your business,

I really appreciate it,

Barb Halvorson



9" X 9"


Mr. Snowmill Plate by Barb Halvorson

     I really love this snowman plate (9”x9”) and I just knew I could do something snowy with it.  I hope you like this as much as I did working on it, $14.00, for both plate and pattern + $5.50 for shipping.  For those of you attending the World of Color Expo we are hoping to have them there; however, we have pre-ordered a very limited amount.  So please pay with Pay-Pal or call with a credit card and we will save you a plate and pattern.  Barb is known for her colored worksheets, and detailed instructions.  If you pre-order by Wednesday October 28th, we will save and ship orders by November 14th.  We cannot guarantee that we will have plates after the convention.



Parker the Panda

 $7.95 SPECIAL $4.OO

Bearly Grown Up

Available at

Emerald in Autumn

 $12.95 SPECIAL $6,50

A Friend for Bambi

in Book # 5

epackets coming soon.


Four Seasons Leaves

 $9,50 SPECIAL $4.75

Summer Patriot

 $6.50 SPECIAL $3.50

Happy Fall Pup

Available at

Waiting Patiently

 $14.00 SPECIAL $7.00

sneaking around

 $7.95 SPECIAL $4.OO

Frankies First


$12.00 SPECIAL $6.OO


 $7.95 SPECIAL $4.OO

“Alone” Grey Wolf

 $9.95 SPECIAL $5.OO

Spring Yellow Finch

 $6.50 SPECIAL $3.50

Call of The Wild

 $9.50 SPECIAL $4.75


 $9.95 SPECIAL $5.OO